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Epic Hand Wash
  • Hand wash with a special polymer with a micro fiber mitt
  • Dry with chamois
  • Door jambs wiped
  • Vehicle wheels, wheel wells and tires scrubbed clean
  • Fender scrubbed to remove bug splatter and road grime
  • Tires dressed to a perfect shine
  • Gas cap and surrounding area treated
  • Vacuum interior including ashtray and trunk
  • Interior windows, mirrors and gauges are cleaned to a streak free shine
  • Dashboard wiped clean
  • *Epic Hand Wash has a 2-car minimum or a $15.00 trip fee will be added.
$ 60.00
$ 30.00
$ 70.00
$ 40.00
$ 80.00
$ 50.00
Window Tinting Service
    Auto Window Tinting is one of the best ways to improve the look and comfort of your car. It provides driving comfort, keeps vehicles cooler, increases privacy, discourages theft, and reduces fading of upholstery. Auto window tinted glass is one of the most popular upgrades sought after by new car owners. Window tinting not only provides added comfort and security, but it also increases the value of your vehicle because the interior stays in great condition. We use SolarGard® Supreme films on every install because they have a variety of window tint to choose from. Call today for an appointment and get your car looking sleek and sophisticated with Epic's Window Tinting service!
3M Premium Film
Lifetime Warranty
20 or 35% includes sides and rear windows
$ 185.00
Mini Vans
20 or 35% includes sides and rear windows
$ 255.00
Interior Germ and Bacteria Sanitization Add-On - $50.00 (Only available with any of our interior or full detailing packages)
Did you just by a used car or does your car feel “icky”? Well most people don’t know that the interior of their car is one of the most germ infested areas they will come in contact with on a daily basis. In fact, the average steering wheel and door handle can have over million bacteria strains. H1N1, MRSA and other flu or germ like diseases love to live in these places. So to get rid of these germs and bacteria Epic Auto Detailers offers our Germ and Bacteria Sanitization package. After we clean and detail the interior of your car, we go over the entire interior with a steamer that heats to over 300 degrees. We sanitize the interior door handles, steering wheel, center console, dash board, front and rear seats plus knobs and vents. This service will sanitize your car and rid it of any germs and bacteria.
Interior Odor Removal - $75.00 (Only available with any of our interior or full detailing packages)
Does your car smell like smoke, animals or just a bad odor? We have the way to clear the air. We don’t cover the smell up with fragrances we get rid of the odors at the source. Purchase Epic’s Deluxe Interior Detail, after we have detailed your interior we use an industrial ozone generator to complete the odor removal process. The heat and air conditioning unit is turned on with the windows up to add ozone in the air of your car. While the ozone is being added, the generator does the rest. It will kill the rest of the odors remaining in your car. This unit will get rid of the following smells:
  • Mildew
  • Pet odor
  • Smoke
  • Urine
  • Perfume or Cologne
  • Vomit and more!
Add-On Deluxe Interior Spruce -$75.00
  • Shampoo Carpets, Mats and Seats
  • If leather interior we will clean leather seats
Add-On Deluxe Exterior Wax Spruce-$75.00
A wax and glaze is applied by machine to seal in deep wet shiny look and add 3-4 months of protection
Add-On Hand Wash to Interior Detail -$15.00
Only Available when you get an interior detail
Epic’s Wetter is Better Shine - $35.00
(Only available with any of our exterior or full detailing packages)
  • Whether you own a sleek sports car, mini-van, sedan or SUV a Wetter Shine is a Better Shine!
  • Here at Epic Auto Detailers in addition to our Cherry Wax we offer top of the line boutique waxes that increase your shine. We offer PS21 Pure Carnauba Wax, Pete’s Black Pearl Wax or One Grand Blitz Paste Wax. These waxes restore any painted surface to a gleaming, like-new appearance. Scientifically engineered to work on a molecular level, each wax in the boutique fleet generates superior spectacular reflection - depth of gloss that customers come back for.
  • Please note that boutique waxes provide less protection than standard waxes due to their high amount of light it allows thru the wax. Protection lasts about 1 month.
Pet Hair Removal - $50.00 and up (Only available with any of our interior or full detailing packages)
Do you have a pet that sheds? Worry no more! Epic Auto Detailers has an extensive pet hair removal process. We will remove every bit of your pet’s hair that is sticking to your interior. We remove all hair by hand to ensure we get each strand!
Epic Carpet Dyeing Service- $25.00 for a set of mats or $40.00 for four (4) mats
$75.00 for all carpet and (4) four mats in the entire car
(Only available with any of our interior or full detailing packages)
Is your carpet in good condition but just has some really tough stains? Get Epic’s Carpet Dyeing service! This dye is great for carpeting or carpeted mats that have lost their true color and needs rejuvenated or are too badly faded. All dyes have been blended to meet the 17 most common automotive carpet colors used by auto manufacturers worldwide. These dyes are great to Re-New your existing color with just a slightly darker tone. The slightly darker tone will blend in just fine and make your carpets look new again.

Note: Most dyeing will make the carpet a shade darker for best results. These dyes are NOT INTENDED to change the color of your carpet to a different color. So if your carpets are light gray we will dye them a medium gray etc.


Epic Headlight Restoration- $85.00 a pair or $50.00 when added on to a detailing package or car wash.
Epic Headlight Restoration- $100.00 a pair or $150.00 for 4 when ordered by itself with no other service
Do you have cloudy headlights or a yellowish hue? Does your car look relatively new but your headlights look 20 years old? Epic has the perfect solution. Order our Epic Headlight Restoration Service and get clear and new looking headlights today! Most vehicle headlights are covered with a protective, transparent, plastic lens. These headlight lenses protect expensive automotive lamps from flying stones and road debris but they discolor over time. Becoming opaque and cloudy, this can severely restrict the amount of light reaching the road which is an extreme safety hazard! This clouding is caused by accumulated exposure to ultraviolet light.
Epic Guard Fabric Protector- $35.00 (Only available with any of our interior or full detailing packages) Have kids or pets? If you do then this service is a MUST HAVE! Protect your carpet, mats and seats with our Epic Guard. This is the leading fabric protector for cloth seats.
  • Protects your fabric and seats against spills
  • Spills won’t stain (has to be wiped up immediately)
  • Covers each fiber with a protective coating
  • Does not alter look, feel or smell of fabric
  • Makes getting stains out easier
Back to Black Trim and Door Handle Restoration- $5.00 per door handle and mirror, $25.00 entire car
(Only available with any of our car wash or detailing packages)
Are your door handles or trim faded? If so let Epic bring it Back to Black! Epic has specially formulated dye that will make your door handles and trim look like new.
  • Dye dries in 30 minutes
  • Restores door handles, mirrors, trim, flat bed you name it!
Rim Wax and Polish Bling - $60.00
(Only available with any of our exterior or full detailing packages)
Do you have chrome or alloy rims? Get Epic’s Rim Wax and Polish Bling. It cleans, protects and restores your rims. Specially formulated to protect your rims and keep you shining all day and all night long! This wax will help against brake dust buildup.
Aquapel Windshield Treatment-$10.00 Windshield Only-$25.00 all Windows
(Only available with any of our car wash or detailing packages)
  • Outsmart the elements with Aquapel rain repellent
  • Dramatically improve vision during bad weather
  • Improve all-weather visibility, safety and driving comfort
5 Point Engine Shampooing - $50.00 (Free with Executive Detail)
(Only available with any of our detailing or car wash packages)
Engine Shampooing-A clean engine promotes a smooth ride and better engine performance. In addition, if you are selling your car this will dramatically increase your resale value.
  • Engine pre-rinsed
  • Engine cleaned using a engine shampoo degreaser
  • Engine brushed to ensure dirt and grime is removed
  • A high pressure washer used to strip away any remaining dirt
  • Engine compartment dressed with a non silicone low sheen dressing
Claying - $45.00 (Free with Executive Detail)
(Only available with any of our car wash or detailing packages)
Every day vehicle paint finishes are bombarded with a wide variety of airborne contaminants. Here are just a few: tree sap mist, paint overspray, industrial fallout, hard water deposits, diesel fuel exhausts, rubber particles from other cars and much more. Claying will deep cleanse the pores of the paint and enable wax or sealants to adhere better and last longer. Our Clay Bar Detailing System safely and quickly removes all these contaminants and restores crystal-clear reflections and slickness. Instantly, paint is restored to a shiny, smooth-as-glass finish and is ready for wax protection to be added.
2- Point Swirl Removal Process - $85.00 per hour based on visual estimate
Swirl marks are scratches in the finish. They are more easily seen on dark colored vehicles. Sometimes these scratches are microscopic in size and only visible in sunlight. Other swirl marks are very deep and are easily visible in just about any lighting condition. Epic’s Swirl Removal Process is a 2-step process. At the end of the process your car is left with a brilliant, swirl-free, mirror-like shine.
  • Exterior wet-sanded
  • Our special Swirl Removal cutting glaze is used to remove the swirls
Paint Less Dent Repair
  • $99 for quarter size or smaller dents
  • $129 for golf ball size dents
  • $149 for baseball size dents
*Note-Heavily soiled or extremely neglected vehicles may require an additional charge. The Epic Auto Detailers Technician will consult you prior to starting work on your vehicle.
**Please remove all personal belongings and excessive personal artifacts from the car (car seat, clothes, shoes, excess trash) or there will be a $25.00 personal item removal charge applied.
*Prices are subject to change please call to verify