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Epic Auto Detailers - Cars
Shop : $ 595.00
Epic Auto Detailers - Large
SUV & Vans
Shop : $ 695.00
Perfect Detail

When only the best is good enough. This detail is designed to give you an unbelievable experience from start to finish. This service takes 72 hours to complete and is only completed in our shop on a drop off basis. You will not find a more inclusive detail package in the area!

  • Hand washing with 100% fresh water and brand new wash mitts
  • Drying of vehicle & door, trunk jambs with never used microfiber towels
  • Gas cap area cleaned, degreased and dressed
  • Vehicle wheels, wheel wells and tires scrubbed clean
  • Fender scrubbed to remove bug splatter and road grime
  • Wheels removed to clean the entire rim front and behind
  • Chrome wheels polished to a brilliant shine
  • Tires and wheel wells dressed & exterior trim treated
  • Fabric Protector is applied for carpets, mats and if seats are upholstered-This helps prevent stains from food or liquids. A must if you have kids!
  • Full vacuum of interior including between seats and trunk
  • Carpet, mats and upholstery pre-spotted, hand shampooed, and deep cleaned by a heated extractor
  • Leather seats cleaned by hand and then conditioned
  • Interior windows, mirrors, dashboard, center console, cup holders and gauges cleaned to a streak free shine
  • Special attention paid to cracks and crevices by removing dust, dirt and grime
  • Headliner (interior roof and sides) spot scrubbed by hand to remove dirt and hair particles
  • We will take a steamer that heats up to 300 degrees and remove germ, bacteria, flu virus and other contaminants from the all interior areas your hand may touch
  • Compound is used to remove oxidation, light scratches, tree sap and other imperfections to restore the clear coat. Compound has grit similar to sand paper to remove the damaged layer of clear coat
  • A Glaze is administered to clean the paint and enhance color plus remove swirls
  • A Clay Bar is used to safely and quickly remove all these contaminants and restores crystal-clear reflections and slickness. Instantly, paint is restored to a smooth-as-glass finish and is ready for paint sealant protection to be added
  • A paint sealant is used by machine to shine and protect the paint from environmental fallout. The paint sealant protects the vehicles paint for up to six months!
  • 5 Point Engine Shampoo
  • Exterior trim is dyed to restore faded or gray look to a nice shiny black
  • Aquapel is administered to all windows to increase vision during inclement weather
  • Headlights Restored from cloudy and yellow to clear and white plus they have a one year warranty!
  • All pet hair is removed for no additional charge!
  • Check and fill all tires to manufacturers recommendation
  • Check and fill engine oil